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China Textile Education Society





China Textile Education Society

Founded in 1992, China Textile Education Society (CTAES) is a national academic, non-profit and public organization with the qualification of a legal person, approved by the Ministry of Education and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is composed of the enterprises and institutions as well as the social organizations in the textile industry across China on a voluntarily basis. Currently, it has 215 group members.
Taking service and self-discipline as its tenet, this society endeavors to serve for the grass roots and functions as the bridge between enterprises, textile schools at all levels and the government. It will serve for the national economy and the construction of textile industry by:
· Abide by the constitution, laws, rules and regulations, and policies of the state;
· Carry through the policies of the State for education;
· Safeguard the rights and interests of its members;
· Unit with all textile educational workers;
· Conduct research on the educational theories and practices in textile;
· Explore the regular patterns, exchange experience, and promote the reform and fuel the development of textile education.
This society will carry out its work from the following eight aspects:
1. Study and follow out the policies of the state for education and do the investigation work well. Research into and find out the status of textile education, make suggestions on the development plan concerning the industrial education, and release the information on the industrial education.
2. Provide advisory suggestions on the establishment of new specialty and new school in textile education and conduct evaluation and inspection on textile specialty upon authorization.
3. Provide guidance on the work of the special committee of textile specialty and organize the compilation and publication of the teaching materials in textile specialty.
4. Direct enterprises to establish the system of modern enterprise education, organize the exchange and training on textile education at all levels and in all forms, and carry out personnel training and continuing education.
5. Conduct theoretical research, improve the professional skills of educational staff, show the direction for the work at the grass-root level, and bring forward suggestions to the decision-makers at all levels.
6. Conduct international academic exchange.
7. Undertake all works helpful to the development of textile education authorized by government agencies, social organizations, or member units; honor the individuals or units that have achieved excellent performance in textile education and society efforts.
8. Sponsor and publish the journal Textile Education and other academic publications.

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